Fantasy short story podcast: The Red Priest's Vigil review

"The Red Priest's Vigil"
By Dirk Flinthart
Narrated by Graeme Dunlop
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This is a story I don't mind hearing over again a few times. The setting is tight, confined to an inn where the priest, who dresses in red, comes because a friend is dying there. The story, though, is not told from his point of view but from that of the innkeeper who is writing a letter to explain the outcome of a plot he is involved in.

It turns out that the red priest knows some martial arts, so there is a lot kicking of arse, but behind all the fighting, there is a textured world and a lot of sadness. Not everything is explained but there is a sense that it all makes sense to the characters, and it's precisely because it feels like there is more to be gleaned here that I like to hear the story again despite all the fight scenes.

After the narration the author's explanation of how he came to write the story is just heartbreaking.

An aside, "The Red Priest's Vigil" was originally published in Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine, which shows what good taste they have, so go ASIM.