Fantasy YA podcast: The Giant Who Dreamed Of Summer - a review

The Story: The Giant Who Dreamed of Summer
By: Jess Hyslop
At: Cast Of Wonders
Narrated by M K Hobson

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It's wonderful to find a new source of great fiction stories. Cast Of Wonders specializes in young adult fiction that creates a sense of wonder. It's fantasy that seems to do the trick. CoW editor Marguerite Kenner commented while guest hosting at PodCastle that: "Young people aren't oblivious or immune to sex or violence, but it's less their centre of their world than exploration, self discovery, inquiry and navigating the passage of time."

That insight into the nature of YA literature, and the promise of fantasy, naturally lured me to CoW to find more.

The first story I looked at was "The Giant Who Dreamed of Summer". The giant is a frost giant, not a fierce giant who tries to end the world, but one of a tribe who follow the snow and cannot live under the heat of the sun when the snow melts and the world turns green. And yet he wants to see summer.
 You can read this story, but it's really one of those that's best heard aloud, especially when the reader is a good one like M K Hobson.