Listen Up: Exit Strategy

When homework is too much, when she's spent a whole half hour on a paper for school and still not got a good grade for it, her best friends aren't talking to her, Charlesie decides to off herself. She decides to do it in a useful way, by letting someone more optimistic have the use of her body, so she goes to the Church of the Second Life to have the procedure done.

The result is life changing.

This is kind of a sweet, fun story. Wentworth pokes gentle fun at the over-dramatic teenager. One of the sources of humour is that the personalities of the dying are given new bodies on a first come first serve basis. Thus the sweet and wise Sister Angela is in the body of a large, broken nosed, ex-boxer. I'd love to a film of this. The actors would have a great time playing against their physical type.

I found this quote from an interview about "Exit Strategy" which was done back in 2008.

This story hit a personal note for Wentworth because she has lost a lot of family over the past few years. "The unfairness of death always haunts me," she said. "They each had unfinished business and it always seemed even more tragic when someone healthy took his or her own life, throwing away something a dying person would have loved to have."

Knowing that Wentworth herself died earlier this year makes it even more poignant.

You can hear "Exit Strategy" here at StarShip Sofa 241