Listen Up: The time trouble

"Shall I tell you the trouble with time travel?" is superbly narrated by Nicholas Camm. This is a situation where the voice and pacing is just perfect for the style of the story. It's almost like the voice overs for Thomas the Tank Engine - which parents may be familiar with - measured but not boring. This is a story in which the narrator has a personality and occassionally adresses the reader. We don't get many stories like that these days. For good reason. But this one works, and it works particularly because of Camm's reading of it.

The story is about a scientist trying to invent time travel. He gets the idea that he could safely conduct time travel tests by going back to remote areas where explosions have already happened. The remoteness would prevent loss of life, or, if there is loss of life, it has already happened and could hardly be his fault.

If this story has got a flaw, it's that this character who is inventing a means of time travel really seems to be very stupid. Mind bogglingly stupid. We can see where his tests are going even if he never does.

Or does he just refuse to face facts?

You can check it out at Starship Sofa 252