Listen Up: The Birdcage by Kate Wilhelm

Kate Wilhelm is one of SF's famous and highly regarded authors, and she's been around a while. Her first short story, "The Mile-Long Spaceship" was published in 1957 in Astounding Science Fiction. She got off to a great start. No wonder, then, that Starship Sofa's captain Tony C Smith was so excited about presenting us with a podcast of one her stories.

Birdcage is an engaging and, at times, tense story. Up until the end it's a thriller, which is not surprising given that Wilhelm also writes mysteries. I confess that I didn't like the ending, which struck me as trailing off rather than concluding after all the tension that lead up to it.

Still, I now feel the need to seek out my copies of Where Late the Sweet Birds Sang, Juniper Time, Welcome Chaos. It's a long time since I thought about them.

"Birdcage" is in two parts at Starship Sofa.
Here's part 1
and here's part 2