Prompt Monday: Museum

Last week's prompt was from Anne McCaffrey's short story, "A Womanly Talent", from her collection To Ride Pegasus. This series of stories is about humans who have developed paranormal talents such as telepathy and telekinesis.

Anne McCaffrey, who died in November last year, was another SF author who made a good impression as a Guest of Honour at conventions when she visited Australia decades ago. She had a fannish following because of her Dragonriders series, and its companion series about Dragonsingers. Dragonriders of Pern is set on a planet which is intermittently attacked by something called thread. This thread comes down from the sky and burns when it reaches the ground. To prevent it from reaching the ground the dragonriders take their dragons out and scorch it with the fiery breath of the dragons. It's a story of Humans and Dragons working together.

There is still fannish fiction and art to be found online, and there may even be a movie in the works. Given the dragons and the aerial combat scenes the stories involve, the Pern stories would be a natural fit for the current SFX and 3D technology.

However, to move on to this week's writing prompt:"The place was like a museum of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries."