Prompt Monday: Altruism

Last Monday's prompt was a random line from Robert Bloch's There is a Serpent in Eden. Bloch's most famous work was, of course, Psycho. You've probably heard of the movie. Bloch was one of those really quiet, but witty, gentlemanly gentlemen when he came to Australia years ago to be a Guest of Honour at an SF convention. I believe it was the same convention where the film of Le Guin's The Lathe of Heaven was screened, the one chance that many of us had to see it. Another memorable moment at that con was sitting in a room where Bloch was trading wits with other fen. It was too much fun to listen to, and I simply sat and enjoyed it, not wanting to interrupt it in any way. When Bloch grew tired and decided to go to his room he paused at the door, then suddenly turned and pointed at me.

"You talk too much," he said.

And that really cracked everyone up.

*   *   *

Now for this week's prompt.

"I hope your altruism is not going to be your downfall."