Project funding: Kickstarters

I've heard of kickstarters, and now I've finally come across one.

This one is a horror anthology by Angel McCoy, who was responsible for getting the Wily Writers site up and going. Check it out. Wily writers has free stories, audio, and takes submissions based on a different theme each month. So if you are a writer, go there and check out the current theme. It's always good to find a challenge to write to.

I think so, anyway.

Plus, it's a paying market.

Anyway, to the kickstarter. The idea is that donations are called for in order to raise a certain amount of money. If that target is not reached, then no one pays anything. In this case, the potential donations are held by As I understand it, if the target is not reached, the pledge times out, so to speak, and no money is taken from the credit card.

Angel McCoy has produced a couple of anthologies based on Wily Writers works, and now she's doing this anthology together with a few friends. They're calling the anthology Deep Cuts, and it's meant to celebrate women in horror.

Check Deep Cuts kickstarter out here.