Listen Up: The Waterman

I loved this story, "The Waterman" by Ursula Pflug.

In some sort of dystopic urban setting, a young woman orders some water to be brought to the shop where she lives. Water is important enough in this society that a glass of it can be offered as a gift. Other water is available, but for some reason this woman has decided to buy bottled water from the waterman. She can't pay for it, but fortunately he accepts something from the clamour of junk in the shop.

There is a lot of junk because the woman's partner uses it to make carnival costumes.

What I liked about this story was that the characters were creative, artistic types. At the beginning of the story, the narrator has not been particularly creative, she has just helped her partner make things. As the story progresses she finds her own artistic avenue. What this has to do with the water and the waterman forms the story and, very gently, reveals the plight of the people in this world.

Enjoy "The Waterman", at Escape Pod Episode 335