How long is too long?

Thursday I mentioned a post about submission rejection. The post I was quoting mentioned that yes, sometimes rejections can be personal, if a writer has previously behaved very badly to the people around them. That post implied that a writer would have to have been published at least once in order to have the opportunity to be rude to the publishers and editors.

Now I've read another post that implies that writers can be annoying just because of their very human trepidation concerning their submission. The post is actually about how long a writer should wait before querying their initial query. (About 6 weeks, it seems.) However, as the post at Help! I Need a Publisher continues, together with the comments, we find that agents and editors are busy people and don't want to open a dialogue they have no intention of continuing. They don't have time for it. So it's important for writers to recognise this, restrain themselves, accept advice if it is given, and move on.

Bascially, be brilliant but don't frighten the horses.