First Chapters: Wolfborn

Thinking of Starship Sofa's broadcasts of first chapters reminded me that Sue Bursztynski has posted a sample from her well received novel Wolfborn over at her blog, The Great Raven. With a title like The Great Raven you just know this is a writer who both likes and knows something about fantasy. This really shows in Wolfborn, which is about werewolves but not the horror kind, but more the kind which merely changes skins, ie, clothes, in order to change from human to wolf form and back again.

You can read the first chapter here at The Great Raven, and hear an audio sample from a different part of the book here at YouTube. Actually, listening to that reading and hearing the little in joke when a fairy queen remarks that she's already quarrelled with her husband over one lovely boy.

Another enjoyable thing to read at The Great Raven, if you click back to 2011, is Sue's account of how the book was published, and how she used it at the school where she teaches to show her students something about the world of publishing. She even had them choose between the possible covers of the book!

It amazes me that an author would think of turning their first published novel into a teaching aid.

Go Sue!