When Sex Doesn't Sell

Still chuckling.

Some guy was being interviewed about the virality of things on the web. Things that go viral, that is. Virability? Anyway, he said there were four 'must haves' for something to go viral. Naturally, I've forgotten what they were. Mostly they have to have a strong emotional impact, an immediate Laugh Out Loud, for instance.

Then he was asked to talk about something that just didn't work even though it might be advertising a brand that was already a big name. So he mentioned a company that tried an ad with a clever, double entendre story to it. As soon as he heard the outline he said he knew that wouldn't work.

Why not?

Because of the sex.

Since when does sex not sell?

Since the online viral age. Turns out, people are embarrased to share sexy clips with their friends.

Yeah, their friends might get the wrong idea.