Listen Up: "Electric Rains"

"Ella sat by Nana’s body for two days before she pushed it out the window." This is a terrific opening line and, unlike a lot of writers, Goonan is able to follow it up with a story that suits it. There are a lot of small details, but necessary, details in this story that build up a picture of a world, of life lived with dignity in the shadow of great wrong, and a decision the narrator has to make about what to do with the rest of her life, and even what sort of life that would be. During her journey to the cemetery to bury her Nana she meets a number of different people but not much kindness. The options don't look good.

The nature of the Electric Rains of the title, and the uploading of some of the city's population, isn't all clear to me, but I really liked the texture of the story. I also liked the way it was given time to get the background across, no clumsy hurrying the plot along. It's just allowed to unfold.

"Electric Rains" by Kathleen Ann Goonan.

You can find text and podcast narrated by Christie Yant here at Lightspeed Magazine,

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