Monday Prompt: Destiny

"some say she sees my lady's shroud" is a line from Samuel Taylor Coleridge's poem "Christobel", about an innocent young woman who is praying in the woods one night when she is met by a strange lady, Geraldine, who soon takes over her life. Some people wonder what Christobel was doing in the woods anyway - why leave the castle and go out there to pray? And there are hints that Gerladine is actually a vampire, especially since she could not enter the castle until Christobel carried her in.

The poem itself is enough to inspire fan fiction. What will become of Christobel? I have never written a sequel myself because I can't imagine myself fitting into Coleridge's shoes, but it sometimes surprises me that no one else seems to have taken up the challenge.

Now for the next prompt:

"She does not care about the moon or space or destiny"