Suggested fiction; "All the young Kirks and their good intentions"

Short SF "All the young Kirks and their good intentions"
By Helena Bell
in Clarkesworld Magazine

A poetic bit of prose by Helena Bell. Those of us who remember Star Trek TOS might notice the riff on the name of Captain James Tiberius Kirk, although it really has nothing to do with the story which is about a group of strange children. Who or what are the children exactly? There are mysteries around them. Jamie thinks she commands her future, but wonders who that strange, pale alien is that she has seen walking from the river. Red is facing death with great calm, and wants only to protect her brother. T assumes his troubles are his own fault. Far away on the moon, Fisher just wants a companion.

I like this one because it's a little different from the usual Clarkesworld's stories, still sombre, but the play on Kirk's name suggests a bit of humour.

You can read it here.