Re-Watching LotR again

There's a rule in our household, created by me when the kids were small, that whoever is doing the ironing gets to choose what's on TV. The kids were a bit nonplussed the first time they heard me announce my choice: Mums could do that?

The ironing is the reason I'm watching our extended DVD version of The Fellowship of the Ring again. It's my favourite of the trilogy. All those world setting scenes are very soothing to fall into. The ironing is long finished, but the DVD continues, apart from the hours we went out to get lunch and buy master 15 a few things for his upcoming school camp,and before that sorting out what we needed to buy, and after that doing a bit of housework before deciding I deserved to set down again, and now I'm typing while I watch it. It occurs to me that I've never sat and watched this DVD. Although I've played it many times, indeed, especially when I was painting the TV room, I've never simply sat and watched it. The only time I've sat and watched it was when it was in the cinemas.

Still, I greet it like an old friend and hope to find time to read the book again, but first I must make sure to read my bookgroup book.

(This is cross posted from my Live Journal blog, which I don't post to very much but keep because I like reading my Friends Page. )