Heroic Fantasy Quarterly : Check It Out

Some of us might find that what we like to write fits into the heroic fantasy field. Myself, I don't find orcs so appealing - I still see them as the rather grubby, callous characters from LotR, - but I know some people see them as the green and somewhat misunderstood characters in various role-playing games. I know when I was playing Sacred I was rather taken with the idea of the orc refugees who had set up little farms and irrigated them out in the desert.

Back to the writing, I came across Heroic Fantasy Quarterly through Writers Markets for Speculative Fiction, and I enjoyed reading the submissions guidelines and the way the editors put so gently and humorously what they would like to see in our stories and what they would prefer never to see again. They obviously know Gamers Who Like To Write. Heroic Fantasy Quarterly is going to be open to submissions again in March, so if you like to write characters whose problems are solved with by hack and slash, take a look.