Prompt Monday : Uncurtained

I didn't cite the reference for the line I suggested last time. Would knowing make any difference to what you might write in response to the line. Maybe.

Anyway, "Light the kettle," is a line from Harold Pinter's play, The Dumb Waiter, which raises a thought: The servants are in charge of the food they're supposed to be sending up to their masters.

Using a line from something as a prompt raises a number of possibilities. One is to actaully use the line in your own story. This reminds me of watching some episodes of the TV series How I Met Your Mother because sometimes I just swear the whole episode is built around providing a plausible reason for one of the characters to say something quite bizarre.

Another way to use a line is to simply think about it and then write the story inspired by those thoughts. Some writers are amazing in the way that they don't turn to the immediately obvious, or even the slightly less obvious, and yet illuminate an idea in a way that goes deep and makes it their own.

Now for a new line. "Uncurtained, my long room floats on darkness, moored in rain."