Nanowrimo 2011

Nanowrimo is here again, our chance to sit and write, to tell people we're doing nanowrimo and that's why we have to write so much this month. There's a goal, there's a deadline, and we're going for it.

This year I'm using one of my short stories as a basis for the novel. This is my chance to explain all the backstory and how the characters go to where they were. I've also discovered that it's a way to figure out how magic works in this world.

You know that old problem with magic: if there is magic how come the society doesn't use it for everything. They could magic themselves up a really efficient public transport system.

In some stories, only certain people can use magic, thus making it rare and the side effects inconsequential. A few books mention a cost of magic, that the energy used for  a spell has to come from somewhere and will have unconsidered side effects. However, I've usually found that aspect to be a bit plot driven, ie, the side effects only happen if the story needs it to.

I don't know how magic works in Rhiannon's world yet, but she has been wondering how come when some people kill a chook they get voodoo, while most other people just get roast chicken.