Did you ever cut your finger?

Did you ever cut your finger and the blood came spilling out? Were you cooking at the time? Were there a lot of jokes about the extra protein in the meal?

Did it hurt so much that you had to stop what you were doing and let someone else take over?

I remember when a housemate sliced the top off his finger. We had to put a bandage on it but none of us, however hard we tried to make ourselves, could bring ourselves to touch the wound. We could not put that bandage on. It was only a small slice, though. We were not prevented from going on with the meal later in the evening, although we had assumed that the part with the finger slice had been thrown out. But the slicee wasn't that sort of housemate. He thought it was funny.

Ever had a baby? Ever thought how weird it is that a bit of your own blood should get up and start walking around and talking back to you?